Fantastic beasts review

This is thomas mossman and his review of Fantastic beasts and where to find the. I am sorry as I am late for this as I did not get roud to doing this so here  I  am about to tell you about Fantastic beasts and where to find them. This is a very good movie with great cJI and all good performens from all actors . I love newt scamander he adds fumer and heart to the story I loved this movie can not wait for the next one 5 stars from me.

Harry Potter News 3

We get to a point where I am on on the end of my chair as we are just about ready to get popcorn and watch fantastic beasts and where to find. This is where we will see magic in the golden age. thank you for reading and I will post number four on Friday.

Harry Potter News 2

As the days go past more news comes in and two of them are Johnny Depp has now become part of the cast for the next movie in the franchise and that we will get more Albus Dumbledore so this we be a great start to a new world of magic. so what do you think share yout commets in the commet seaton below.

Star Wars rouge one

I am very ready for rouge one as the Force Awkens was great so I cannot wait for Rouge One.  It is about how the rebels stole the death star plans. I think that this movie could reveal something that we did not know and will be discussed further in the 8th film. As this is a war movie it could be a 15 so that might be very hard for kids around nine and up to see the film but on a good note we are getting back Darth Vader so that is going to be great! Han solo will show up in this movie but in a younger age. This movie is going to be amazing A can not wait!

Harry Potter News

On the 18th of November Fantastic Beasts and where to find them will hit the cinema this is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year as we have not had a Harry Potter movie in 5 years so this will be a fine addition to the franchise. Though we will not see Harry and his friends it still will tell us a story about newt scaraber and how one of his magical creatures ascabs. With five films to come this will turn on my Harry Potter buzz on and it will stay on till they are over.