Matchbox Ferrari No. 75

This Matchbox No. 75 Ferrari Berlinetta was in the junk box at a toy fair, on sale for just 50p….

This Ferrari was purchased for 50pence at a toy fair, dirty, broken windows and no tyres. However, as the required parts were already in the spares box, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Aftermarket Window Unit, after market tyres, base polished (just love Basso!), fine wire wool to clean the wheels and axels, removing rust. The inside had a good wash and going over with plastic polish. This will sit well with other two No. 75’s restored some years back and now part of the collection.

Husky Citroen Safari Ambulance No. 22

Husky Ambulance was never going to be a mint model, but it has been considerably improved….

This Husky Ambulance was covered in paint, sadly not the paint applied at the factory in the 1960’s.

Husky Safari Ambulance before being restored
As received from eBay.

The Problem with Husky toys (and Corgi Juniors) is the bases are very fragile and difficult to remove. Using Dettol(c) to remove paint from plastic doesn’t work very well on bases, however, it did work well on the window unit which had become stuck to the body of the car. The original decal was under the brown paint which also revealed this originally the military version of this model. As green gloss paint was already mixed, it had an upgrade!