Rogue One Review

Finally we have got to the point I have be waiting for, Rogue One is out and my god did I like it. This has no spoilers  in it so if you have not see it this is OK for you. So I have a nit pick with this movie to get out. The end was very sad but they did not need to make it as sad as it is but yet nothing was given in the movies or a hint about them so I guess it was the best way to it to end. The last 45 minutes  was one of the best action scenes I have seen this year, the back story of Jyn was very good but at the very end10 minutes was bad ass and I mean it. so my score for rogue one is four and a half stars.

thank you for reading.

Star Wars rouge one

I am very ready for rouge one as the Force Awkens was great so I cannot wait for Rouge One.  It is about how the rebels stole the death star plans. I think that this movie could reveal something that we did not know and will be discussed further in the 8th film. As this is a war movie it could be a 15 so that might be very hard for kids around nine and up to see the film but on a good note we are getting back Darth Vader so that is going to be great! Han solo will show up in this movie but in a younger age. This movie is going to be amazing A can not wait!