Top 5 movies of 2016

So it has come to the end of the year and it is time for my top 5 best movies of 2016

5. finding dory right this was a last minute decision as I did have trolls here but I look back on both and I say witch movie would cheer me up and I said 100% finding dory

4.rouge one a star wars story. right a lot of my friends will have this at number one but even though they are right it should be number one it just is not as good as force awakens witch put me off in my opinion is better than this witch is why it is number 4

3.jungle book OK right lets make this quick great movie great cast

2. the magnificent seven one of the best action movie fight scenes are in this movie this is a must watch for the last hour and a half

  1. Fantastic beasts and where to find them. right I saw this movie for my Birthday and I could not take my eyes off this movie and the cast hit the nail on the wall this was great entry into the new harry potter universe.