Star Gazer 2 – Lego Cruise Ship

TM Cruise Lines are close to completing the “Star Gazer 2” a Lego Mini Figure Cruise Ship. The ship is 1.8mtrs long, 85cm high and 48cm wide (as measured across the glass walkway) on top deck.

Star Gazer 2 has many features the discerning mini fig looking to “get away from it all”, these include:

  • Burgers at Sea Fast Food restaurant
  • Double floor speciality dining room
  • 2 swimming pools, each with large movie screen
  • Gym
  • Children’s Club
  • Double Hight Theatre and Cinema

All 38 Cabins have EnSite Bathrooms, many with balconies

Star Gazer 2 – Nearing Completion

Work to be completed includes fitting out the revised lower deck layout which will include shops, revised engine room, ships stores, post room and medical center.