The Battle of The Little Big Horn

From 8th March 2015
The indians and the 7th Cavalry (under the command of General Custer)  met in a field.  Sitting Bull ordered his men to surround General Custer’s men.  The general and all of his men (about 200 soldiers in all) were killed. General Custer was shot in the temple and in the left breast. The Indians lost between 36 and 136 dead (varies according to different indians who at the battle) and 168 wounded.

Indians surround the cavalry
Indians surround the cavalry
One soldier and his horse already killed.
One soldier and his horse already killed.
Casualties on the battlefield
Casualties on the battlefield
Casualties on the battlefield
Casualties on the battlefield

The Broken Arrow

From 2nd June 2014

The Confederates have been caught by the Cavalry Soldiers, but they do not know that a war party is on the way and they will soon all be dead.

Confederates Surrender
Confederates Surrender

Major Reno’s patrol has just set off from the fort and they are going to be chased onto a hill and will be stuck there until the war party has gone.

Major Reno's Patrol
Major Reno’s Patrol

General Custer has set off on his patrol but it’s all going to end badly when the Indian’s catch them.  The three outlaws are about to rob the stage coach, but they have not spotted the cavalry patrol following behind.  One of passengers punches one of the robbers out of the coach.

General Custer's Patrol
General Custer’s Patrol

The war party has just left the camp.  They going to attack the town and steal all the guns from the fort.

War Part On The Way
War Part On The Way

The train has just gone past and time is three o’clock.

Train Ride Through The Town
Train Ride Through The Town

The robbers have  broken into the bank to steal all of the gold from the mine.  They are also don’t know  that the indian war party is coming.

Robbing The Bank
Robbing The Bank

The miners are quite busy today they have to make to 12 deliveries in one day to the bank as there is so much gold in the mine!

Mining Gold
Mining Gold

It’s so hot in the west and everybody needs a drink of whisky to cool them down and wash the dust out of their mouths.


In The Saloon
In The Saloon

The cavalry are fighting against the indians most of cavalry seem dead but the US Cavalry is bigger than one battle.

The Final Struggle
The Final Struggle

1st June 2013 – A Wild West Frontier Town is about to get a visit from a war party

From 1st June 2013
General Custer and his men are setting out on patrol.

The towns people go about their business. Unware that the war party is approaching.

The bank isn’t so busy today

The Sheriff is attending to the latest wanted posters and guarding his prisoner

In the saloon, cowboys have a drink and a meal, although a couple of outlaws are ready for a shoot out if the Deputy Sheriff finds them upstairs.

A hint of some of fierce fight that followed. The cowboys and soldiers won the battle but suffered alot of dead and wounded.

Pirates and Soldiers

From 28th July 2013
I counted my pirates today and found that I had:

  • 30 Pirates
  • 9 Ghost Pirates
  • 3 Skeletons

To keep these pirates in order I have:

  • 1 King
  • 10 Blue Coat Officers
  • 5 Blue Coat Soldiers
  • 6 Red Coat Officers
  • 6 Red Coat Soldiers with tall hats
  • 6 Red Coat Solderis with tricorn hats
  • 1 Green Coat Soldier with a tall hat
  • 7 Spanish Soldiers including  1 officer

I also have 6 sailors/buckaneers who sometimes help the pirates and sometimes help the soldiers!


Wild West Characters

From May 26th 2013
My Daddy and I added up my wild west characters (after a battle).


  • Sheriff  5
  • Cowgirls 3
  • Cowboys 24
  • Outlaws 7


  • Private Soldiers 7
  • First Sergeant 3
  • Major 1

US Cavalry

  • Private Soldiers 32
  • Corporal 2
  • Sergeant 2
  • First Sergeant 5
  • Indian Scout 1
  • Bugler 1
  • 1st Lieutenant 1
  • Major 2
  • Colonel 1
  • Major General 3

Native American Indians

  • Squaw 1
  • Children 3
  • Medicine Men 4
  • Warriors 27
  • Chiefs 12

Despite having too many chiefs, the Indians often win against the soldiers, especially when they have help from the outlaws!